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Prof. Vladimer Papava
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erovnuli bankis â nacionaluriâ alternativa - . READ. erovnuli bankis “nacionaluri” alternativa. Jurnali “sityva” – # 3, 2008. saqarTvelos erovnul bankSi ~didi reforma~ igegmeba. reforma. ganviTarebas da progress niSnavs, Tumca mTavrobis mier inicirebuli. ...
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Abstract. Several countries in the post-Soviet world have completed the transition to a European-type market economy and have been admitted to the European Union.
"NECROECONOMICS AND GEORGIA'S EXPERIENCE OF POST-COMMUNIST ECONOMIC TRANSFOMATION" Vladimer Papava is a Professor of Economics, Academician of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences and current Rector of the Tbilisi State University since August 2013.
Purpose – The paper investigates the utility of economic theory for post-Communist economic transformation. It serves to explain the main reasons for market reform failure in different post-Communist countries. Design/methodology/approach – A literature review suggests that after the collapse of the Communist system there was no economic theory of transition to market.
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